Welcome to Blue Star Pits!!!  We are located in North Florida on 8 beautiful acres where all our bully puppies and adults can run and play. We also have a whole agility course for our bullies to enjoy. Owned and operated by a certified professional dog trainer we have just about every type of bully and pitbulls. From purple tri bully puppies to blue bullies, fawn, blue tri bullies and more. We have just about every size from pocket bullies to xl bullies, all have great temperaments and can behave well around any dogs or kids.  They're also raised in a family enviroment. WE aren't like most breeders who just let their dog's sit in a pen all day, we are devoted to our adult and bully puppies and it shows. All our bullies can eat, sleep, and play together. Our bullies come from some of the most prestigeous bloodlines in the world such as : Champion Cairo, Champion Tonka, Champion Rizzy, Champion Carmelo,  Champion Razors Edge , Gotty, Remy, Easy rider and a few more.. Check our breedings and for sale page!!!




















Our bullies eating together

                      High five from another BSP production




























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